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Kyle Lawrence is an award-winning director, producer and filmmaker. At the age of 16, Kyle began writing and producing a 26-episode half-hour television series, which was picked up and airing on TV around the world by the time he was 18.

Kyle grew up in St. Louis, Missouri and moved to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada at the age of 19. He then directed and produced two feature films, THE SCARF and LOGAN (starring Leo Howard and Booboo Stewart).

More recently Kyle has continued directing/producing a number of short films and web series and has kept himself active in the film world, staying on top of cutting edge technology and trends by coordinating the computer and video playback department on network television shows, including Supergirl, The Flash, DC's Legends of Tomorrow, Riverdale, Beyond, Proof and others.

Kyle has extensive knowledge in various departments of film and television, has worked in post production, has edited over 16 hours of commercially produced content, has operated dailies for IF I STAY and a handful of MOWs, has produced a handful of commercials and music videos, has provided technical consultation for DEADPOOL 2 and has received letters of recommendation from J.P. Finn (Co-executive Producer of THE FLASH) and David Geddes (Director of Photography on DC'S LEGENDS OF TOMORROW).

Over the years, Kyle has taught dozens of film making classes and workshops for high school students, has spoken in front of over a hundred audiences across the United States and Canada, including an audience of 4,500 at the Indianapolis Convention Center, has received multiple film making awards and accolades, and has created, hosted, and directed a web series teaching various aspects of film making.

Kyle fell in love with filmmaking as a young child, recording stop motion movies with Lego figures on a VHS camera around the age of 8. In 7th grade, Kyle single-handedly arranged the rental of necessary equipment and directed / switched a three camera live switch of a school play performance. Since then, Kyle has continued learning at every opportunity and has been honing his skills and understanding.

Outside of the film world, Kyle has produced a handful of live events, fundraising dinners and gaming events, has designed and operated stage lighting for live shows, has performed as a recording artist on an album (drummer), has directed and operated a live switcher for live performances, and has even worked at various summer camps. For seven years (2007 - 2013), Kyle lead a youth group at a small church, where Kyle's efforts and leadership contributed to growing the group from 8 students to over 65 in a couple years. During the seven year period, over 1,000 students had been part of the youth group that Kyle lead.

Kyle's Story

This was a vlog from 2016, hope you enjoy.

Fun Facts About Me

Drums and Music

I've been playing drums since my early teens, have performed with multiple bands, and have even played drums in the studio for an album and the score of two films. I've been slowly self-learning piano and guitar in my free time as well.

Software Developer

Over the years, I have spent much of my free time creating software, web apps and mobile apps. My strongest languages are PHP, JavaScript, C#, SQL, and Objective-C (all of which I've created complex apps in), but I'm experienced in around 12 languages in total.


Having only been skiing twice in my life, at the age of 29, I snowboarded for the first time and immediately fell in love with it. It took 15 days of snowboarding before finally learning to carve, and you can probably find some embarassing videos of my first few snowboarding adventures online. But, I invested in my own gear and a season pass the next season and really got comfortable at it. I'm not an expert, but am comfortable on almost any run (execpt double black diamonds, no thanks).

Space Camp

I've also had a fascination with space, the moon, other planets, the galaxies beyond our own. As a kid, I dreamed of being an astronaut, in 5th grade I attended Space Camp. I've been inside an actual NASA Space Shuttle and I also got pretty sick on the Gimbal Rig Mercury Astronaut Trainer. I would love to someday shoot something in the Vomit Comet.

I once got kicked out of Canada

No joke! One day I drove across the border to pickup a package and on my way back into the country I was barred from entering Canada for one year because I had performed some unauthorized work outside of the parameters of my work permit. It's all good now though. I came back to Canada one year later, was approved for Permanent Resident status in 2013 and in 2018 became a Canadian Citizen!

Dual Citizen

I am a United States Citizen by birth and a Canadian Citizen by naturalization. I'm eligible to work and live in both countries without any need for work permits or visas.

Past Work

Short Film / Demo Piece

Directed by Kyle Lawrence. Excelsior was produced solely for the purpose of updating Kyle's directing reel with more current and higher production value clips.

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LOGAN (2010)
Feature Film starring Leo Howard and Booboo Stewart

Logan is a low-budget feature film ($150,000), directed and produced by Kyle Lawrence. The film was released in theaters in 2010 followed by a national DVD release, VOD run, and airing on various TV networks.

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Film Making for Newbs (2018)
Instructional Web Series

Film Making for Newbs is a web series designed to provide film industry insight to beginners and novice filmmakers. Produced and Directed by Kyle Lawrence on virtually no budget and released on his YouTube channel to help aspiring filmmakers.

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THE SCARF (2009)
Sci-Fi / Supernatural Feature Film

The Scarf was Kyle Lawrence's Directorial Debut, produced and directed by Kyle Lawrence on a modest budget of $20,000 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

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Upcoming Projects

Some upcoming projects you can expect to see from Director Kyle Lawrence in the near future. Kyle is always looking for new, exciting, and creative projects to be part of, especially if there are unique elements to the project, or if it's a powerful story.

My Heart Remembers (2021)
Feature Film / Period Drama

Kyle Lawrence has been hired to direct a live-action adaptation of the popular Novel by best selling author Kim Vogel Sawyer, My Heart Remembers. The screenplay rights have been optioned and the script is currently in development while financing is being secured for this $4 million feature.

Identity (2020)
Short Film

Kyle Lawrence was hired to direct Identity, written by George Bertness, a story about an atheist who shows up at the gates of heaven where he relives moments of his life which brought him to this point. Shot June, 2019, currently in post production.

Untitled Kyle Lawrence Project (2020)
Short Film / Action / Heist Adventure

Written and Directed by Kyle Lawrence, this short is a story about Cam, a young adult with extraordinary abilities, who uses his powers to assist a notorious bank robber in his attempt to save his sister. Scheduled to shoot in early 2020. $30,000 budget.

One Shot (2020)
Short Film / Drama

A young adult drug addict finds redemption when he helps a child out of a rough situation. Written and Directed by Kyle Lawrence, this short film is slated to be shot in early 2020. $20,000 budget.

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